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Finding Your Niche As An Agent


Finding Your Niche As An Agent Just about all agents are guilty of it — finding themselves easily distracted by the latest and greatest shiny new additions to the real estate market. Technology has vastly changed the landscape for the standard real estate agent and broker while supplying endless ways to help them stand out from the crowd. While often a slippery slope, if selected and...

Characteristics Of A Winning Agent


Characteristics of a Winning Agent What does it take to be ‘winning’ at real estate? While there are countless theories regarding the secret sauce to being an all star real estate agent, we’re convinced these 3 rules will at least guide you on the right path to agent stardom. Rule # 1    –    Work Harder & Smarter We’re all familiar with the expression, work harder, not smarter; but...

Why Every Agent Should Have a CRM


Why Every Agent Should Have a CRM Popular real estate coach Bernice Ross says that top producing agents devote “90 percent of their time to the top 50 percent of their revenue producing activities”. But, who’s paying attention to the rest of their leads? Research shows one of the main qualities of a good agent is following up. This may be why top performing agents often say the catalyst to their...

Personal Marketing Initiatives

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The average American moves every 5-7 years. That means 1 in 7 of the names in your database are likely to move this year. How are you staying connected with your database to stay top-of-mind? Here are a few helpful ideas for marketing to past clients: Add one-time or recurring follow-up dates, and act on them Birthdays Anniversary’s Date of Home Closing (Home Anniversary) Date of lease...

Tips For Listing Presentation Success


A listing presentation is essentially the first showing for the agents. You must convince the seller that you’re the perfect person to sell their home at its most valuable price, while displaying market knowledge, effective communication skills, and powerful marketing tactics Conduct Your Research An important tool that’s often used for a listing presentation, is a Comparative Market Analysis...

Conversation Starters


Real Estate is personal, and relationships are key. Your CRM (Contact Relationship Manager) helps you personalize your conversations. Past Clients Getting a new website provides the perfect excuse to touch base with past clients you haven’t heard from in a while. Give them a call to say hi and see if they are interested in receiving a monthly market report email showing houses selling in their...

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