4 Ways to Maximize Your NAR Tradeshow Experience

4 Ways to Maximize Your NAR Tradeshow Experience

We’ve all been there, it’s the day before a weekend-long tradeshow and you’re suddenly feeling overwhelmed with how to maximize your time at the show. Should I start with vendor visits or go straight to my top choice seminars? Do I have certain goals and objectives for attending? Is there a budget I’ve been given or need to stick to?

After attending our fair share of NAR and Inman expos, here are our top 4 favorite tips and tricks to maximizing your time and tradeshow success.

  1. Do Your Research

It goes without saying that doing research ahead of time on anything will leave you better prepared and tradeshows are no exception.

Take a gander at the show website to get a general feel for who will be attending, what classes are being held etc. This preliminary research exercise will leave you feeling much more prepared for showtime.

  1. Clearly Define Goals

Most agents and brokers/brokerages have a pre-notions or reasons for attending a tradeshow. Maybe it’s to develop new connections, refresh your networking skills, onboard new products and services and so on.

Whatever the reasons for an agents attendance, it is always a best practice strategy to clearly define and lay out any and all goals and objectives in mind.

  1. Make a List, Check It Twice

It as easy as it sounds, simply make a list and check to confirm it aligns with your defined business goals and objectives above. Your list might include top favorite vendors you researched ahead of time, or it might feature seminar classes and times you are hoping to participate in.

Once you’ve made your list, be sure to bring it with you and check off each item as you complete them.

  1. Take Advantage of Show Specials

It’s decision-making time and suddenly you find yourself needing to speak to that favorited vendor about redoing your website or setting up a new CRM but you’re not trying to spend an arm and a leg.

Alas! The ever-coveted tradeshow specials option. Most vendors during the expo will be offering special pricing on their products and services so take full advantage! And of course we’d be holding out on giving you of all your options of that premiere pricing without sharing what our Leadkit team is offering at the show:

Not only are agents that share their business cards at our booth entered to win a FULL YEAR of Leadkit for FREE, but we are also giving any agents or brokers/brokerages that sign up at the show a FREE 30-day trial. Stop by booth #1139 for your chance to win!

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