5 Key Tips To Boost Your Social Following

5 Key Tips To Boost Your Social Following

We can’t promise to double your social media following overnight – however we do have some pointers to help boost social swag and your level of following and sphere of influence. Get more of your pages and posts seen by joining us as we dive into 5 key tips to help accelerate your social strategy and presence.

1. Confidence is Key

When putting yourself out there in the social media space, it’s crucial to genuinely believe you as an agent have something to offer beyond just listings. Many agents ask themselves ‘what do I say’ or ‘what should I share?’ To us, that sounds a lot like realtors aren’t recognizing and appreciating the full value they bring to the table. Don’t be shy in letting your Facebook get to know you and why working with you as an agent will be ‘best in show.’

2. LinkedIn Equals Online Resume

Whether a potential client is a direct referral from your uncles, cousins brother, or a fresh face that is looking to buy in the near future, everyone – and we mean everyone – will Google you first. LinkedIn acts as an online resume for agents to present themselves and the experience they embody in a professional, and easy to access way. Anyone that Googles your name as an agent, won’t have to look far for your LinkedIn digital word of mouth if you set it up properly on the front end.

3. Make it Personal

Using social media as a real estate agent should be and feel like personal experience. In addition to humanizing yourself as a realtor by keeping your posts, interactions and engagements light and ‘real’, it is important to shake in some educational content as well. By sharing the ‘latest and greatest’ of real estate and the like with your following, you are further establishing your authority and relatability to your audience.

4. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

While saying you are involved in your local community is awesome, showing that involvement is even better! Announcing a local food drive or pop up farmers market is great – but why not post live once you’re entwined in the center of the action? We all know the phrase ‘actions speak louder than words’ and this saying can’t be more true for real estate agents trying to gain a following. Feeling like you don’t have time to record all the action as it goes down? Take pictures and post later in a blog article for those that weren’t able to attend or follow along.

5. Seeing Really Is Believing

As an ode to our suggestions in tip # 4, ‘Going Live’ on Facebook is an excellent way to reach a wider audience than other social media platforms out there. Not only is it free, but there is little to no prep time. The value is in the candid experience you provide your following and the ‘realness’ of what working with you as an agent would be like.

Before going live, we do encourage agents to assess the purpose for going live and who and what to focus on by asking questions like:

  • Who am I trying to reach?
  • What do I want my message or topic to be?
  • Does my topic generate real interest and value?
  • What steps did I take to get ready?
  • How long do I plan to ‘Go Live’?
  • What were the end results? (i.e. how many new followers did I gain from x,y,z)

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