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Agent on the Rise

Robert Beeler

Leadkit is excited to spotlight Robert Beeler, an agent on the rise right here in Atlanta, Georgia. During Robert’s first year, he sold his first home for twice its purchase price, and his second home in less than 12 hours. Now in his 18th month, Robert is on track to close 20 sides this year. This interview highlights his journey to success.

How or why did you get into real estate?

I grew up watching my Dad buy and sell foreclosures when I was younger growing up. He would rent out the flipped houses to establish residual income.

How long have you been an agent?

A little over a year but I have been connected to real estate thanks to my family since age 13. I passed my exam on the first try and was off to the races by January 2016.

What role has technology played in being a agent?

Tech has been cool but also frustrating to deal with and overwhelming. It’s a love hate relationship for us all I think.

What type of training or programs helped you get started?

I completed the 7-week business coaching seminar from Keller Williams when I first got started as an agent. I would love more one-on-one training and coaching and maybe even a crash course in Marketing. I am laser focused on being a facilitator for my clients and creating win-win, lasting relationships.

Describe your first exciting experience as an agent?

I sold my first home for 2x what they originally paid and my 2nd home in less than 12 hours. The next two after that were back-to-back and highly rewarding.

How have you learned to be successful?

My definition of success is making things happen. A lot of it is trial and error. Nailing down what works and what doesn’t work for me. I’m most comfortable as an agent with being a friend and networking and looking out for the people I do business with.

Who is your biggest mentor or influencer?

My dad is a mentor to me. Donna and Taylor McClure, Kristina Inscoe.

I say my dad because he was the one that got me started in real estate even at a young age where I was able to see his success grow from a close vantage point.

I mention Donna and Taylor McClure because they were super helpful when I first got started putting me in touch with listings, connecting me with a photographer and warranty and staging companies. Any time I had questions, I could call and she would take the time to explain the answers I needed. I am extremely appreciative of their continued support even as I have switched brokerages.

Kristina was very helpful in walking me through how to input my first listing.

How many listings to you plan to close this year?

20 listings by the end of the year.

I have historically been evenly distributed between both the buyer and seller side. However, first time home buyers has been a natural fit for me. I like working with them because they are usually a little easier to work with and easier to relate to.

Do you have or promote your online presence?

Yes but I need to better understand how to harness it. I have always been highly focused on the notion that the art of being successful is being solution oriented. I know there are more resources out there that can be helping me to drive this home.

Humor is also big part of my posts because it’s part of me and who I am. Staying authentic and true to self.

Do you want to use social media or find it beneficial?

Yes. Facebook seems to be the best outlet for generating leads and networking with others in my community.

Where do most of your leads come from?

From Facebook, friends and family.

What offline advertising do you use to gain new leads?

I socialize and network with friends as one of my main offline outlets. I tried the Uber method to help better build my book of business. It was a way to make money on the side while networking and staying active in my community.

Do you use email to keep in touch with your client base?

I ask people what they prefer. Emailing doesn’t work best for me, but it’s not about me. It’s about what’s best for my clients.

Do you keep in touch with past clients?

My current routine for staying in touch with clients is through Facebook and staying active in my community. Sales is a transfer of feelings, so I am always focused on being there for my buyers and sellers. I value those relationships above all else.

Do your clients frequently search for properties online?

Yes they do. Almost solely online. I’m guessing 99.9% of folks search for listings online first before anywhere else.

What websites do they usually use to do so?

Zillow mainly but also Clickscape as a way for buyers to find homes.

Contact info follow-up:
    • 770-401-8682

Congratulations to Robert on his growing success. Staying relationship-focused and transparent for his clients is crucial. Being a solution-oriented agent gets his clients the best results.

“Without technology, there is no face to my brand or way to stay connected with opportunities old and new” he states. Utilizing social media to gain a following with friends and family as he first got started in real estate has been a game-changing, revenue-generating winner for Robert.

Like most of us, he finds himself gravitated towards additional tools and resources that help put him more in the driver seat of his overall online presence.

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