Quick Win Content For Agents

Quick Win Content For Agents

There are countless underused or underworked processes that real estate agents fail to take advantage of. Few feel as glaringly obvious yet detrimental to a realtors success than the ability to leverage the power of relatable and engaging content.

Content by nature, and within the residential real estate, is a widely overlooked and ignored Marketing tool – that is until now. Consider these three types of engaging, quick win content ideas to help jumpstart your business’ success, level of reach and overall brand recognition as an individual agent.

1. Testimonials

Most agents are more than familiar with the phrase ‘word of mouth’ and how directly that concept can impact their business and sphere of influence. As it relates to technology, a digital word of mouth testimonial is just as crucial to an agents success as it illustrates that referrals personal experience when working with the agent. By having a third party sing your praises in a clear, easy to read (and find) way, potential buyers and sellers begin to picture themselves enjoying the same perks as the aforementioned.

Interview your referrals on the details of their experiences when working with you and your brokerage. What obstacles or challenges did they face when doing a simple search? What processes did they have to follow to save listings or get in touch? What was their favorite aspect of doing business with you?

Once you’ve gathered their initial feedback, be sure to request their testimonial in a professionally branded and user-friendly way.

2. Neighborhood Pages

Another tool that is commonly overlooked among real estate agents is developing unique and original content, and the lead generation and organic exposure said content can bring you. Without diving too deep into the vast world of search engines, rankings, paid advertising etc., it is widely known and acknowledged that brand new, never been said before content, can bring unrivaled value to an agents online presence and exposure.

Harnessing this exposure can be as simple as creating neighborhood pages on your website that help to establish your expertise as a local agent in your area. Have you found that you tend to focus on buyers on the West side? Or maybe sellers that fall within certain school districts, zones? By taking the time to write a short bio about the neighborhoods you tend to serve, not only have you told the search engines to recognize and index you for those areas, but also nearby residents and potential clients will start to view and notice you as the local agent guru.

3. E-Books

No, we’re not talking about a 350 page, high-gloss PowerPoint that never gets read or downloaded. While most agents like to think putting content for E-Books together means focusing on overall brokerage info and its history, we like to encourage a more personal approach to the content focus.

Might we suggest a digital download that takes the founding principles of, let’s say – your brokerage, and applies them specifically towards how you do business with your clients. Why is your brokerage best for the job and what can they learn to expect when working with you as an agent? Highlight what you bring to the table and what qualities you embody over your competition.

By humanizing yourself, your brokerage and your featured content, potential clients begin to recognize and envision what doing business with you as (their life-long) realtor would look like.

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